SimpleBills’ Client Support Team Focuses on Excellence and Accuracy

We like to think we run as a well-oiled machine at SimpleBills. Everyone’s role is vitally important, working together for the greater purpose of serving you and your residents. With all the parts in our machine, you’re probably the most familiar with our Account Managers, considering everything they do revolves around, well, you! We wouldn’t be able to prioritize our residents without taking care of our clients first. Through our Account Management team, SimpleBills handles everything on the utility end to give you the bandwidth to run your property smoothly and efficiently. 

For starters, our AMs work tirelessly year-round to ensure that our customers’ utilities are getting turned quickly and efficiently when they’re moving out and into new units. From making sure all utilities are included for each resident to accounting for any roommates or bill-splitting, they handle it all to make for a smooth transition. Even after implementation, they remain focused on accuracy and excellence by being the go-to for utility needs for our clients. They have access to every resident’s utility information as well as the ability to adjust invoices anywhere you see fit. This way, everyone is comfortable in paying what they owe, and your residents remain pleased with their living experience. 

We know utilities can be complicated, and there are lot of moving parts. So to top it off, we make ourselves available for any and all of your utility questions. We do this to keep you from wasting your day away by waiting on hold with utility providers. With us, your answers are just a click away in our data systems. Anything from a specific inquiry on a resident ledger to a potential leak at your property (which we’re constantly monitoring for,) we’re here to provide answers, solutions, and peace of mind at the drop of a hat. In fact, just recently within 30 days of discovering a leak at a clients’ property, our account managers were able to report it to the provider, get someone out to repair the leak, and get confirmation that the job has been completed. This quick turnaround is projected to save our client $72,000 annually!

That just goes to show – we’ve got your back! But we probably don’t need to tell you any of this! If anyone knows how much our AM’s tackle on a daily, it’s you. So why do we do it? Simply because your residents are happier when their utilities are made simple, and we want to make your residents happy just as much as you do! When you sign up with SimpleBills, becoming your teammate and working with you hand-in-hand becomes our number one priority, bottom-line. With that said, visit and let us know how our services can benefit your business.