By: Allie Arnold
February 18, 2020

SimpleBills’ Client Support Team Focuses on Excellence and Accuracy

We like to think we run as a well-oiled machine at SimpleBills. Everyone’s role is vitally important, working together for the greater purpose of serving you and your residents. With all the parts in our machine, you’re probably the most familiar with our Account Managers, considering everything they do revolves around, well, you! We wouldn’t do whatever you want to update

By: Allie Arnold
August 22, 2019

Move-Outs are Simple with Our EFB

At SimpleBills, we know that packing up and moving out is never easy for residents. However, since the move-out process is inevitable, we figure we could make it easier for everyone involved by issuing an estimated final bill. Our goal with the Estimated Final Bill (EFB) is to make the move-out process as smooth as do whatever you want to update

By: Allie Arnold
August 2, 2019

We Minimize Questions and Concerns with Our Resident Portal

Our resident portal contains an abundance of information for residents and parents. SimpleBills provides specific and calculated data on month-over-month variances and floorplan averages to keep residents informed on trends in their usage and how much their average consumption is costing them. Transparency is our middle name at SimpleBills. In everything we do, we strive do whatever you want to update

By: Simple Bills
April 6, 2019

Customer Support

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For ten years, SimpleBills has grown on a foundation of excellent customer support that puts the customer first. No matter what. Period. In fact, the company started with four guys in a small “office” located right off Baylor University’s campus where all of them took turns answering phones and being the “manager.” Even at the do whatever you want to update

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