At SimpleBillsour mission is to redefine the way utilities are managed so properties and residents can experience utilities the way they should be – Simple. Ten years ago, this business was built on the foundation of specific values in order to effectively accomplish our mission (and have fun while doing it).  

First and foremost, we’re a family. Everyone matters, everyone’s opinion is important, and everyone is cared for. We treat each other with dignity and respect, building each other up to be the best people and teammates we can be (and we think itworking for us!) After surveying our teammates, 49% said they plan to work at SimpleBills forever, while the other 20% said they plan on staying for 5+ years. Our goal is to leave people more empowered than how we found them, being better for working here or having worked here 

In terms of how we get our work done and done well, working hard is the only way we know how to do that. We run towards tasks with an innovative approach, and we don’t stop until it’s done. With that said, you have to throw a little fun in the mix to get those creative juices flowing. This is where laughter, jokes, walk breaks, lunch with teammates, and most importantly, frisbee come in to play. We do our best to make 3 o’clock frisbee a priority as a good brain break from simplifying utilities. (We all know they can get complicated). Throw working hard and having fun together, and you have the perfect recipe for excellent utility management.  

Last but not least, we like to keep it simple. (It’s in our name, after all.) If you have been working with us for a while, you know that while we offer several time and money saving services, we take the simplest approach possible in order to make utilities easy and stress-free for you and your residents. We do the billing AND the collecting, so you and your residents are free from provider hassles. This idea of keeping it simple is imbedded top-to-bottom in our processes, starting from our communication and ending with our execution.  

After conducting a staff survey on what our teammates think of SimpleBillswe came up with a pretty good list of adjectives to describe our work environment. Some of these adjectives include caring, gracious, fun, family, safe, happy, inclusive, and simple. The best part about this list: Our teammates created it based off their own personal experiences at SimpleBills. They are not just words we threw on the wall for decoration. We live, work and play by these values in order to ensure that SimpleBills remains a great place to work and do business. To learn more about who we are and what we can do for your business, visit