Tips to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings in your vacant units 

Did you know vacant unit utility consumption accounts for a significant portion of your property’s overall expensesIn order to keep costs low, SimpleBills has compiled a list of tips to help you maximize utility efficiency and save money on wasted utilities!  

 1. Turn off all lights within the unit as well as around the exterior. If certain lights must be left on, make sure they are either Compact Fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs. Although slightly more expensive, the 75% energy savings outweigh the cost of the bulb. ( 

 2. Take the opportunity to replace HVAC air filters. Not only should they be switched regularly for health purposes, but clean filters also allow for air flow efficiency, drawing less power from each unit. In fact, replacing filters every three months can provide energy savings of up to 15% per month.  ( 

 3. HVAC consumption accounts for 50% of a units’ total energy usage. You can save You can save as much as 10on consumption per year by adjusting a vacant unit’s HVAC settings 7F-10F from comfortable living temperaturesIn the winter, set the thermostat to 70 degrees to minimize heating costs, while still protecting your pipes from freezing. In the summer, set the thermostat to no higher than 78 degrees in order to minimize cooling costs while still reducing humidity( 

 4. “Phantom Power” accounts for 10% of a units’ energy bill – even when vacant. Unplug all electronics and light fixtures in order to avoid unnecessary costs. ( 

5. An average refrigerator alone uses 162 kWh per month, but a refrigerator with frost buildup can further increase energy output. Consider unplugging it altogether if possible, but leave doors open to promote air flow and prevent molding. (