Our Quick Invoicing Process Frees You from Prefunding for Utility Fees

At SimpleBills, we believe a huge part of keeping things simple involves efficiency. Because of this, SimpleBills provides 24-48 hour turnaround from the time we receive the provider bill to the time we invoice the property for their portion in order to keep things current and timely for you and your residents.   

The industry average for turning these bills around is 4-6 weeks. Let’s face it – By the time it’s time to pay the bill, residents and your property staff would have long forgotten what month they are receiving the invoice for, or what caused any fluctuation in utility usage. Our rule of thumb is that the quicker we get the invoices out, the more informed everyone is on what they’re paying and why. Plus, you’re guaranteed no late fees because SimpleBills doesn’t do “late.” We ensure all bills are paid to the provider on time, and if not, it’s on us! Our goal with our services is to give you a smoother day-to-day at work, your residents a more positive living experience, and keep you from having to float thousands of dollars at a time!   

We knew that last part would catch your attention. You read that right! In addition to the “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” aspect of our quick invoicing, we genuinely love making your life easier by eliminating prefunding. SimpleBills’ model of resident billing isn’t tied to the rent cycle, so our typical turnaround time to send out invoices to residents is 1-2 days. Compare this to the industry average of 4-6 weeks of floating resident utilities while waiting to get reimbursed by the residents on the ledger, and you’ll see why we do what we do. With this quick turnaround and cash flow that’s totally freed up from not having to front utility costs, the fear of “what’s to come” when it comes to your utilities is a thing of the past.   

So why do we put so much emphasis on this short time window of getting you your invoice? Our incentives are aligned since SimpleBills is guaranteeing to pay the utility providers without requiring prefundingWe invoice all the properties and residents in order to pay the bill on time, making us an extension of your property and our mission to make things run as smoothly as possible. When we’re all working together as a team, bills get paid on time and your residents have a positive experience at your property. Everybody wins!   

Our processes and services are designed specifically to make your job easier by taking the utilities off you and your residents’ plates. Through quick invoicing and much, much more, we make sure you will never have to do the heavy-lifting when it comes to utilities. Visit https://bit.ly/2vokbxV for more information on how our services can benefit you.