Maximize Efficiencies and Keep Costs Low with These Four Tips

Even when residents are away, maintaining a wonderful living space is beneficial for keeping costs low and residents happy. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will ensure your property remains efficient no matter the circumstance. 


Adjust thermostats  

Too cool and too warm can often lead to too much money. Take the initiative to adjust the AC in vacant units and common areas to a temperature that is reflective of your climate. Doing so will keep costs significantly lower. You might even consider doing the same for out-of-town residents. Requesting permission to adjust their thermostat to a cheaper, more suitable setting would go a long way in making your residents feel cared for.  


Check for running toilets  

Is your toilet running.? Well then, you’d better go catch it! But seriously, catch those leaks before time and money get away from you. Look at vacant units as the perfect opportunity to make repairs with the least inconvenience. Get faulty toilet flappers and leaky faucets fixed ASAP to save you hundreds of dollars down the road.  


Do not flush sanitation wipes 

This is a huge no-no. Our Account Managers have received word that the flushing of sanitation wipes has caused huge plumbing issues. Residents may not be aware that these systems aren’t built to break down the quilted quality of a Clorox wipe. Disposing of them properly could save you potentially thousands of dollars in damages, so we encourage you to send out an email informing your residents of proper disposal methods.   


Send your residents to us 

As always, one of our top priorities is keeping residents happy. Send them to us with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help. In order to proactively keep costs low, we have compiled tips each resident can follow to make sure their utilities are taken care of whether they’re home or away. Feel free to email them this link to our Help center to give them a few ideas.