COVID-19: Our Commitment to Residents

This crisis has quickly become a challenge for all of us. We know that many are facing financial hardships as businesses have been forced to scale back or close. We want to help our customers that have been financially impacted by this pandemic.


  • We encourage you to identify resources offered by federal, state and local governments – as well as community organizations – to help you secure financial assistance, food and healthcare.
  • To that end, the federal government is committed to providing significant resources to support those affected by this crisis. This includes an extension of unemployment benefits, direct payments to Americans and assistance to select industries to get people back to work. We hope that these support mechanisms will help in your time of need.
  • Helpful resources from the CDC can be found at

We’re here to help:

  • If you are facing a financial hardship due to job loss or reduced work hours because of COVID-19, please fill out our hardship application. We are committed to helping by extending payment due dates and waiving late fees for those directly impacted.

It’s important to note that our offer to extend utility payment due dates and waive late fees do not relieve residents of paying utilities or complying with their lease.

During these unprecedented times, our commitment to you is still our top priority. All of us need to stand as one united community – locally, nationally and globally. If you are in a financial hardship because of COVID-19, please click on the hardship application below to apply for a payment extension or waiver for late fees.