What’s going on?

The COVID-19 pandemic places all of us in an uncharted territory. We are adapting to how it is affecting the real estate market. Resident’s financial hardships caused by this crisis have resulted in SimpleBills receiving an increased number of requests from residents for assistance regarding their SimpleBill payment.

How is SimpleBills helping?

Residents communicating a concern with SimpleBills through email, phone or chat regarding the ability to pay their invoice are connected to a dedicated team at SimpleBills to address their concerns. We will identify the reason for their concern and provide the appropriate assistance within our control. If the resident is in a financial hardship due to COVID-19, SimpleBills will assist the customer by extending their end date and removing any late fees on their current invoice.

How does SimpleBills classify COVID-19 financial hardship?

When the resident reaches out to SimpleBills regarding payment, we will ask the reasoning behind their concern. We consider there to be a financial hardship if there is an inability to work or a reduction in financial resources due to COVID-19.

Where will this be communicated to residents?

We will be communicating our offer of assistance to residents in their SimpleBills portal with the following communication:

“Affected by COVID-19? Please reach out to request a payment extension and the removal of late fees due to job loss or negative financial impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To fill out the COVID-19 Hardship Application, click here. “

How can I help?

We encourage you to send any resident our way if they reach out with a SimpleBills concern. We are here to help and we want you to direct any questions our way. We’d also like for you to communicate with us! Please keep SimpleBills in the know if you are making any changes with residents that have a financial impact. We want to make sure we are all on the same page.

How will this affect my property?

SimpleBills will continue to make every effort to communicate and collect from residents. Even though SimpleBills is extending due dates for residents and waiving late fees for those in a financial hardship, they are still responsible for paying for utilities as outlined in their lease. In the event there is a resident default, we’d ask you not to charge additional lease violation fees to the resident outside of their responsibility of the utilities during this time.