Audits &

Utility Expense Management

We have redefined how utilities are managed so properties and residents can experience utilities the way they should be – simple.

  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • No Pre-funding
  • Provider bills paid on-time – We guarantee no late fees
  • Vacant Unit Management
  • Month-over-Month Variance Reporting
  • Variance Resolution
  • Missing Bills Audit
  • Budget & Rate Forecasting
  • Data Analytics

Submeter Installation & Maintenance

Sub-meters encourage conservation. When residents are billed for their actual consumption, the desire for conservation becomes more important. Our Meter Specialists will work with on system design, regulatory compliance, and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Maintenance Solutions
    • Meter health drives recovery
    • Monthly Meter Health Reports
  • Leak Detection
    • Detect leaks and high usage through daily reporting
  • New Construction or Retrofit
    • We offer a turnkey solution
      • ROI Analysis
      • Water, gas or electric submetering

Energy Management Services

SimpleBills will audit utility bills to ensure accurate rates are applied by the utility providers. We will work on your behalf to resolve any discrepancies. A large percentage of communities are billed incorrectly in states where multifamily consumption is exempt from sales tax. We identify these issues and work with the provider for resolution.

  • Utility Rate & Tariff Analysis
  • Sales Tax Exemption Audits
  • Benchmarking
  • Utility Bill Audits

Pre-Acquisition Utility Due Diligence

For upcoming acquisitions, SimpleBills can perform a deep-dive into utility trends, lease review and provide a full report of our assessment.

  • Complete analysis of utility bills
  • Assessment of submetering system
  • Lease Review / Risk Assessment
  • Full report of analysis related to community utility platform


Sustainability designation has become progressively important and is mandated in some cities within the US. SimpleBills will handle all Energy Star requirements and ensure Portfolio Manager is updated with accurate data.

  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • GRESB Consulting
  • LED Retrofits
  • Water Savings Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency Audits

Utility Billing - Expenses Recovery

SimpleBills provides a solutions that reduces utility expenses and enhances the resident experience. Our Team of Utility Specialists will work with you to design a billing platform that ensures success!

  • Student Housing, Multi-Family, Retail
  • Ratio utility Billing (RUBS), Sub-metered or Direct Metered
  • EDE – Full Integration with your property management software
  • Robust Collection Process
  • Monthly Performance Report

Regulatory Support

Utility regulations can vary by state, city and utility provider. Our regulatory team is available to research and provide recommendations that ensure you are compliant with all regulations while gaining maximum utility recovery.

  • Regulatory alerts
  • Utility cost recovery platform compliant
  • Detailed lease review

Energy Procurement & Supply Management

Energy Management is so much more than understanding your bills or signing a lower cost supply contract. We will use strategies that consider your facility as a whole; supply and demand.

  • Deregulated markets
  • Customized energy and utility procurement strategies
  • Mitigate risks and manage cost for electric and gas