We Bill and Collect to Make Your Job Simple

At SimpleBills, we like to shake things up. In fact, our business was built on the idea that maybe. . . just maybe. . . utilities didn’t have to be complicated and restricting. This “wild” idea soon developed into what we consider to be the bones of our company – we do the billing AND collecting. No, you didn’t read that wrong. SimpleBills invoices the resident for their portion, pays the utility providers for all used utilities and collects from resident directly. Simple.

Odds are, if you’re a property manager in student housing, you’re familiar with the stress that comes with managing utilities. One roommate puts the utilities in their name and the others have to reimburse them monthly. This gets messy quickly, considering this can lead to roommate problems and stress for an 18-year-old trying to figure out utilities. Consequently, the property’s customer experience suffers for something that is simply out of a property staff’s control. Well, this is where the light bulb came on for us. What if we gave the property the power to provide an excellent resident experience by handling the utilities for them? That way, property managers can focus on . . . well. . . actually managing the property. The best part is that residents are spared the roommate drama and stress of dealing with utility providers. Genius!

If you don’t use SimpleBills, our guess is that utilities are probably being added on to the rent cycle, meaning residents are paying two of the highest living expenses at one time. That can’t be easy on anyone’s wallet. To make things even more complicated, the property is probably responsible for doing the collecting from residents, and that can get stressful in a hurry. Residents might not pay on time, residents come to property managers with complaints and concerns, cash flow, and in the end, the numbers never even out in the property’s books anyways. It’s a lose-lose all around.

This is where SimpleBills services can be really helpful.  Since we do the billing and collecting, the property’s cash flow is completely freed up. No more waiting on the cash from your property’s third largest expense. AND to top it all off, SimpleBills has a 98% collections rate and a 24-48-hour turnaround for issuing a pre-bill to a property.

To put the cherry on top, all residents have access to a 24-hour portal accompanied by PDF images of their actual bills. If they have a question about what they see, they can contact our Support Center via email, chat, phone or even by visiting our Help Center. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and answer all questions and concerns to make it easy on everyone involved.

If you don’t believe utilities could really be that simple, we encourage you to reach out to us and let us show you how it’s done! Contact us at sales@simplebills.com for a demo on all our services.

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