Single Family Market

At SimpleBills, we run our business on the idea that utilities can be easy and cost efficient. We make sure the utilities stay off your plate by billing and collecting from residents directly. After we collect, we are then able to pay the utility providers what is owed with a quick turnaround and guaranteed no late fees! With SimpleBills, the turn process is a snap too, reducing the time, headaches, and costs associated with every vacancy. The best part: Your NOI will improve significantly as a result of using SimpleBills’ services. With lower risk, reduced utility fees and extremely high collection rates, owners will see a direct and positive impact on their bottom line by saving them hundreds of dollars per door. With us, it’s that simple.

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Benefits to the Resident

  • Enhanced move-in experience
  • Financial savings – no deposit, no set up
  • Education and conservation information
  • Highly rated customer support
  • Convenience of all utilities on one statement
  • Full transparency with provider bill information

Benefits for the Operator/Owner

  • Eliminate Account turn with providers
  • Reduce days vacant
  • Streamlined bill processing and payment
  • Reduced internal administrative costs
  • Better visibility into utility expenses
  • Bill and Collect from residents
  • Remove utility late fees
  • Cost saving estimated final bill (EFB)
  • No need for Owner to be involved in setting up accounts
  • Asset Protection- utilities stay on and reduce risk of frozen pipes, damage to home