The SimpleBills Approach


Daily, we retrieve and process all utility charges directly from providers. This includes credential-based utility website PDF retrieval, email parsing, snail mail and submeter data.

Report & Audit

As we retrieve, we’ll keep a close watch for missing bills, high variances and excessive vacant costs. We’ll use this actionable data to reduce customer service issues and utility expenses.


Now to the good stuff: We invoice residents directly. We ensure accuracy through a monthly prebill. This process takes the site team step-by-step through a variety of reports on the property’s utility charges including variance analysis, common areas, vacant units and resident charges.


Our Secret Sauce: We collect from residents directly. This means we receive all resident payments and our expert support specialists in Texas answer their questions. Our industry-leading collection rates free up your site team to focus on other things.


At SimpleBills, we say “love doesn’t pay the bills — we do.” Break up with prefunding and utility provider late fees for good.

When we made the switch to SimpleBills, it was so easy. Before the switch, we had a fulltime person dedicated to trying to sort out all the billing questions and issues and concerns, and now I don’t remember the last time that its been a big topic of conversation. We’ve saved a ton of time. The overall experience with SimpleBills has been fantastic.

– Aspen Heights Partners | Demi Sterling-Kinney, Vice President of Operations

The SimpleBills Difference

Partner with the complete utility management service that cares as much about your residents (and your bottom line) as
you do. We exist to redefine how utilities are managed so properties and residents can experience utilities the way they
should be – simple. Choose the service whose interests and goals align with yours. At SimpleBills, making lives easier is our
number one priority and we achieve that by taking utilities – and all the stress that comes with them – off your plate.

Bill & Collect

Since we bill and collect, residents pay SimpleBills directly and the property is only responsible for their bills.

No Prefunding

We bill and collect, so there’s no prefunding for resident bills.
This frees up cash flow and benefits NOI.

Cost Saving Estimated Final Bill (EFB)

We issue EFBs prior to move-out with industry-leading accuracy, resulting in the best possible outcome for property and residents alike.

Highly Rated Customer Support

Our 4+ star Google rated Customer Support is available 7 days a week.

Quick Invoicing

SimpleBills invoices properties and residents within 24-48 hours of receiving all provider bills.

Set Up Demo Today

Reach out to us for an up-close look at
what SimpleBills can do for your property.

Audits & Services

Decision-making just got a lot easier. Using data from our big-picture reports and customizable
audits, we give you a detailed look at how to effectively save energy and costs.

Budget & Rate Forecasting

We provide budget projections by utility to determine projected rate increases.


We compare utility service offerings by market to implement best practices.

Monthly Provider Bill Review

We determine when monthly utility bills are estimated when services overlap.

Pre-Acquisition Utility Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence to identify utility cost, usage and equipment condition, as well as lease review.

Utility Rate & Tariff Analysis

We regularly analyze provider rates and fees to ensure accuracy.

Procurement Services

We go to market and negotiate the best rate for your property.

Missing Provider Bill Audits

We identify missing bills and follow up with providers.

Sales Tax Exemption Service

We’ll file paperwork and track refunds on all sales tax exemptions you qualify for.


We’re always on the lookout for newer, better, and greener ways to increase NOI.

Regulatory Support & Lease Review

SimpleBills offers industry-leading regulatory support to help each property, management
company and asset owner stay in compliance. From communicating with a Public Utility
Commission to reviewing lease language for each property, we handle it all.

Client Portal

Enjoy complete access to your property’s utility information with our Client Portal.
We provide live insight on how your property is running to maximize efficiency.

Portfolio Wide-Reporting

Get the Big Picture on your utilities with our portfolio-wide reporting. Drill down into live reports on everything from recovery rates to prebill status with one click.

Per Property Reporting

With all your utilities in one place, see every piece of information in context and gain insight on your property’s and your resident’s usage through our analysis.

Current & Previous Provider Bill PDFs

When we manage your utilities, our system is your personal database of everything that’s crossed our desk.

Customer Service Highlights

See every call, chat, or email we’ve had with residents – saving you valuable time.

Variance Alerts

Our system identifies issues early and provides the opportunity to fix them before your residents know there’s a problem.

Floor Plan Averages

Check out our Floor Plan Average reports for comparison in the usage at your community.

Per Unit & Per Resident Bill Information

Drill down into the details of bills for each unit and resident in dynamic tables that let you filter, sort, and search.

Free Customized Reporting

There’s more that one way to…report on utilities. If you don’t see what you need, just ask!


We offer turn-key submetering solutions for new developments to retrofits and repairs. Once the system is up and running, we regularly analyze its health to boost the recovery rate. We quickly identify leaks with daily readings to save everyone time, money and stress. Our meter maintenance plan covers repairs and guarantees meter uptime to maximize revenue.

Account Management

Each property is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who
will onboard the property and assist with utility set up, ownership
transfers and provider interaction. They will answer questions
about the property invoice and resident bills, as well
as share insights from the audits and reporting.


Our training department creates portfolio-specific learning
content, which can be delivered and tracked through popular
Learning Management Systems. Just-in-time training offerings
follow the lease cycle to keep staff equipped and ramp up new
members quickly.