Find Transparent Utility Information Through Your Property Portal

SimpleBills and its services were created with simplicity and people in mind. From the beginning, the property staff was a top priority, seeing as your job is made easier when the utilities aren’t on your plate. Because of this, we put a lot of time and energy into the property portal to ensure you have everything you need to run your property as smoothly as possible without having to worry if the utilities are covered. To give you a little bit of insight on what this looks like, let us walk you through it.   

The dashboard serves as the landing spot when you log in to the portal. There, you will find the big-picture view of everything you need to know regarding your property’s utilities. Not only can you see the registration status of every. single. one of your residents at a glance, but you have access to the billing status on our end as well 

Diving deeper, we run several reports that are easy to navigate and contain only the necessary information for staying up to date. Of these reports, we offer monthovermonth variances in each specific unit, floorplan averages and vacant unit costs. If that’s not enough information for you, then you should know we specialize in customized reporting. Let us know what information you want access to, and we will build it for you free of charge. 

Another key component of our portal is the prebillOur prebill serves as an information sheet containing all resident utility bills, so that the property staff can review and adjust resident and property bills prior to invoicing! Multiple of our property managers have raved about how much they love the spreadsheet prebill because of how clean, clear and to the point it is. It’s all the information you need, it just takes a fraction of the time to sift through.  

Our portal is also great for saving you money! One of our properties has voiced that they love the Leak Adjustment feature within the prebill. Since November, they have received over $7,000 in leak adjustments from their water provider after we discovered and noted an outlier in their floor plan average numbers. Basically, our system was able to detect a problem, so the property reported it to get refunded for the money they spent on wasted water.  

If that wasn’t enough, we give you full access to our customer service highlights in your portal. See first-hand how many of your resident’s questions we have saved you through the help of our Support Team! In case you can’t tell, we want to be 100% transparent with you and your staff about what’s going on with your residents and your property. We appreciate the trust you put in us to handle your utilities, so we’re giving you all the information you could ever want and MORE.  

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