White Paper: SimpleBills Estimated Final Bill

SimpleBills’ Industry-leading final utility collections in 2020 documents how SimpleBills’ Estimated Final Bill (EFB) is the solution to alleviate a property’s end-of-year financial hit.

In 2020, SimpleBills reports an overall average of 91.60% collections across portfolios, adding up to an annual savings of $58 per unit. By giving residents an incentive to pay what they owe before moving out, our clients are no longer writing off thousands of dollars at the end of the school year.

Delivered prior to move-out, the EFB consists of the previous month’s consumption plus a projected amount for the remainder of the lease. The estimated bill is calculated using weather patterns and past months’ usage to gauge approximately how much each unit will consume. Landing within 95% accuracy for each EFB, residents move out knowing they are all paid up with utilities.

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